Arthur Bliss
A Knot of Riddles; Three Romantic Songs
Four Songs; Seven American Poems
Two American Poems; Three Songs; Two Love Songs
The Tramps; When I was one-and-twenty
Two Nursery Rhymes; Elegiac Sonnet; Angels of the Mind
The Tempest; The Ballads of the Four Seasons
The Fallow Deer at the Lonely House; Rich or Poor
A Child's Prayer; Three Jolly Gentlemen; The Hammers
Simples; 'Tis time, I think, by Wenlock town
At the Window; Auvergnat
The Nash Ensemble
Geraldine McGreevy (soprano), Toby Spence (tenor)
Henry Herford (baritone), Kathron Sturrock (piano)
Martyn Brabbins (conductor)
CDA 67188/9